Lone worker alarm function

Fall detection, integrated calls, relevant statistics

Automatic fall detection, ensuring rapid response in the event of an emergency for the safety and health of your employees

A handy feature that allows calls to be placed directly from the time clock, improving communication in the field

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Explore key data with consolidated statistics. Obtain essential knowledge to optimize your daily management

Fall and shock detection

picture of a construction worker suspended mid-air painting the outside of a tall building

To work alone

Secure isolated workers with the fall detection functionality of the idetime solution, emergency services are notified immediately. In addition, the employee can contact you directly if necessary thanks to the call functionality.

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In complete safety​

Detection of unusual shocks is integrated into the idetime solution. Keep your peace of mind and ensure the safety of your employees in all circumstances. Our technology is at your service, to help you protect your employees.

Lifeline function

In the context of certain activities requiring constant concentration, idetime assists you by ensuring that your employee gives a sign of life by carrying out an action on a regular basis. Configurable, this functionality adapts to all types of configuration.

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