Manage Your Teams

easily and simply

Say goodbye to paper! With the idetime application, track your teams’ interventions at any time. From managing absences to monitoring customer feedback, everything has been taken care of.

Designed to make your life easier

With features tailored to your needs

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An all-in-one system

Dedicated to saving you time and automating the most tedious tasks.

  • Consult the list of interventions, gain clarity.
  • Schedule tasks over time and anticipate recurring tasks.
  • Locate time clocks and intervention sites in real-time.

Manage everything in one click

Easy scheduling and task management


Schedule management

Efficiently schedule tasks and interventions, whether for an individual or a team


Customer management

Provide notable customer service through effective customer management


Company management

Simplify multi-company management within your organization

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Employee management

Manage the employee lifecycle and optimize performance management


Service site management

Add and organize service sites easily

picture of a tablet with the idetime application open on it

Equipement management

Track and manage your equipment: tags, badges, fixed time clocks and mobile time clocks

absence (1)

Absence management

Efficiently schedule, track, and manage periods of absence


Complaint management

Centralize and monitor complaints for effective resolution


Financial management

Track your interventions and ROI through the web application


Administrators management

Simplify admin management with intuitive tools for easy administration

Real-world application

Explore a practical scenario and solution

A cleaning service company

illustration depicting the use of the connected time clock
illustration showing the use of the connected time clock

Team interventions

illustration showing the use of mobile time clocks by site workers
illustration showing the use of mobile time clocks by site workers

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